Divorce isn’t always easy to predict. After all, nobody expects their marriage to end, so looking for signs isn’t something that people do very often. However, there are clear signs that can indicate a potential divorce is on the horizon. It helps to know what these signs are, what to look for, and how to best prepare for what may arise when you notice these signs.

Lack of Communication

One potential sign you may recognize is when your spouse is no longer willing to talk about certain things. For instance, if you have a disagreement and the conversation ends with “whatever” and your spouse refuses to talk about your issues, it could mean they’ve given up.

You Insult One Another

Speaking to one another with contempt means you or your spouse are disrespecting one another with insults or devaluing comments. Over time, these comments can cause significant frustration between the two of you. When your arguments go beyond small fights, and there’s legitimate hate or hurt behind your words, it could be a problem.

You Criticize Each Other

In a relationship, constructive criticism can be helpful. However, if you two are criticizing each other in everything you do, it could be a big issue. Criticism is especially dangerous in a relationship where neither party is offering positive sentiments to each other.

Thoughts of Other Relationships

If you or your spouse start thinking of relationships with other people where you feel more comfort, or you are making statements like, “if I were single,” it could indicate a divorce is looming. This thought can mean you’re over your current relationship and it’s a difficult situation to be in.

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