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Have you recently been charged with breaking your probation in San Antonio? If so, it is important to get in touch with The Law Office of Derek S. Ritchie, PLLC as soon as possible. Dealing with issue quickly, with the help of our experienced attorneys, can help solve the problem before the charges can develop into a more serious concern for your future or your freedom. Trying to avoid the issue altogether could lead law enforcement to obtain a warrant for your arrest.

Our lawyers are well aware that being accused of breaking probation is a stressful situation, since it could mean your return to jail. We can help you demonstrate that your conditions for probation were not violated, or the fault was with the law enforcement officials instead. Trust us to powerfully support you during this difficult time.

Contact us at (210) 775-2000. We can address your concerns about avoiding probation violations in Texas.

How Probation Works in the State of Texas

The way probation operates in our great state is that defendants who have been convicted of a crime are released to serve their sentence by building the well-being of the community, instead of just being incarcerated. Those who are on probation are able to keep their family intact and provide for them by staying out of jail. Those on probation also benefit from avoiding the trauma of being imprisoned. Probation also provides a boost to government funding by decreasing overcrowded prisons.

Rules of Probation

Even though probation is not as harsh as incarceration, it is still a serious form of supervision. You will be required to be monitored by probation officers who ensure that conditions of probation are being met, and that you are making progress. In general, you must make sure not to commit new crimes and regularly meet with your assigned officer.

There may be other, specific conditions as well. For example, those who have been charged with a DWI might need to install and use an ignition interlock device, at their own expense, within their car. Others who may been charged with drug crimes could be asked to attend weekly counseling and/or pass regular drug testing.

How Probation Violations Occur

There are many different ways that violations might occur because probation conditions are often extremely strict in Texas.

Some of the most typical ways a person might breach their probation include:

  • Forgetting to report to their probation officer or attending meetings late
  • Failing a drug or alcohol test
  • Forgetting to appear at court or attending late
  • Failing to notify your probation officer of an address change
  • Driving or flying across state boundaries without getting permission

Defending Your Cause

In many cases, probation violations are simple misunderstandings or accidents. At other times, however, the fault may even lie with your probation officer, who might have many supervisees, and may have failed to notify you of the proper times and dates. There may have been only circumstantial evidence which is not enough to prove a breach of conduct. Trust our probation violation attorneys in San Antonio for aggressive criminal defense.

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