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According to terms defined by the U.S. Constitution, those who have been charged with a crime in the United States are barred from having excessive amounts of bail. What most defendants are legally allowed to do, however, is to be temporarily released from jail under certain conditions. Defendants are only allowed to leave as long as they commit to attending their court dates and future trials, as well as make sure they do not breach the law in any other way.

The conditions of bail and pretrial are looked upon as key indicators of a defendant’s character, and breaking them will negatively influence your verdict. If you have been accused of breaking the conditions of your pretrial terms, you must immediately get in touch with our San Antonio pretrial violation attorneys. Without The Law Office of Derek S. Ritchie, PLLC, you could face harsher sentences and expensive fines.

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Pretrial Release Terms in Texas

When you’ve been arrested for a crime, you should not have to spend weeks or months waiting for trial, as long as you can get what is known as a “pretrial release agreement.” In order to receive this, you must give a bond or contract to the court. This promises that you will return for your trial even though you are temporarily not incarcerated. Courts may accept bail bonds, but can also accept cash bail, surety bonds, property bonds, or even personal recognizance.

In addition to paying your bond, there are certain expectations that must be followed. No matter what the charge is, you must make sure to appear for all court-assigned dates and meetings, and you must not commit further crimes.

Defense of Pretrial Violations

In many cases, violating one’s pretrial conditions might be completely accidental, or they may have occurred on account of a simple misunderstanding.

Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys can use the following defense strategies if you are accused of violating pretrial conditions:

  • Showing that law enforcement violated procedural codes
  • Demonstrating that BAC or urine tests were not reliable or accurate
  • Proving that conditions that appeared to be DWI were actually due to other physical conditions
  • Showing that the state did not have sufficient evidence

Avoid Additional Jail Time

Being accused of breaking your pretrial violation is a very serious matter. For example, if a person was to violate the conditions of their temporary release, they might be forced to return to jail. The violation could also have a great influence on what kind of sentence the defendant might receive. They will likely incur additional charges that could affect the final edict, unless they have a San Antonio pretrial violation lawyer to support them.

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