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Being arrested and taken into custody is an experience that will alter your life forever. In addition to the emotional trauma of the moment, being arrested can affect your reputation and your livelihood long into the future. Even if you are completely innocent and all the accusations against you are dropped, the fact is that your record will still show that you have been arrested. Therefore, you are likely to face harsh discrimination in many areas of your life, such as when you apply for a job or for a loan.

This is where it is crucial to get in touch with The Law Office of Derek S. Ritchie, PLLC. Our compassionate and dedicated San Antonio expungement lawyers can help you start over with a clean slate by expunging your criminal record for good.

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Eligibility for Expunction

It is important to know that not everyone qualifies for expunction. For example, if you had a guilty conviction and were punished with probation or served a sentence in prison, then it becomes much more difficult to have that conviction expunged. Alternatively, if you have a felony conviction just five years after your arrest, or if your crime has not passed the statute of limitations, it is possible you may not qualify. This is where it is crucial to have an attorney familiar with expunction criteria.

You are more likely to be eligible for expungement if your situation possesses any of the following elements:

  • You were arrested but never actually charged or convicted for the crime
  • Your charge was dismissed by the court
  • Your case was acquitted by the Court of Criminal Appeals
  • Your crime is classified as a juvenile misdemeanor
  • A pretrial diversion was successfully fulfilled
  • You were pardoned either by the Governor of Texas or the President of the United States

The Benefits of Expunction

If you are eligible, your lawyer will appeal to the court to remind them of your proven innocence or the factors that led to your charge’s dismissal or decreased penalties. If the process is a success and the charge or charges are expunged, the conviction will be completely erased from your record like it never even existed. You can apply for loans, jobs, mortgages, and more with a clean conscience and reputation, without anxiety that anyone could check into your past criminal history.

A Chance for a New Start

Even though law enforcement and judiciary officials are supposed to treat everyone fairly and equally, they are still human, and can make mistakes that carry devastating consequences for victims. You may be completely innocent and have all your charges dropped but still face the long term impact of others’ errors that led to your unjust arrest.

Whenever you seek employment, try to get a mortgage or rent a home, apply for a loan, or even pursue funding for your education, you may experience prejudice and suspicion due to your record. To benefit from a clean slate, reach out to The Law Office of Derek S. Ritchie, PLLC. Our criminal defense firm has the experience you need for your expungement case.

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