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If you have recently had an incident with the law but had all the charges dropped, you are probably breathing a deep sigh of relief. Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity, or perhaps the court committed an error in their process of charging you. Regardless of what occurred, having the charge dismissed is surely a great burden off your shoulders.

However, another problem remains: Even if you were completely innocent, simply being arrested or charged with a crime on paper could still have damaging and long-term effects on your record, which is visible to anyone who conducts a background check. Our non-disclosure lawyers in San Antonio can help you seal your record so you do not suffer undeserved consequences for the rest of your life. Let The Law Office of Derek S. Ritchie, PLLC help you in obtaining a fresh new start after a dismissed criminal charge.

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Non-Disclosure vs. Expungement

While these two options of gaining a fresh start after a criminal charge are related, they are not the same. Expungement will completely erase all records of one’s criminal charges. Non-disclosure seals your criminal charges so that most private and public parties cannot see your past record. A few licensing agencies are still allowed access to these records, including the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Medical Board.

Some of the eligibility requirements for non-disclosure include:

  • Being placed on deferred adjudication for a set amount of time and then successfully fulfilling this adjudication
  • Waiting the right number of years to seek non-disclosure (for example, there is no waiting period for a misdemeanor, but 5 years for a felony)
  • Proving that you have not been charged or convicted of committing any further crimes in the window between your deferred adjudication and the time that you began filing for non-disclosure

How Non-Disclosure of an Arrest Record Can Help You

Despite the fact that one might desire to completely erase arrest records as if they never happened, this is not always possible since the criteria for expungement is very narrow. However, non-disclosure is still a viable alternative and prevents most people from ever seeing your records, including employers, companies, and other individuals. You will be able to get a mortgage or a loan, apply for a job, and keep your professional licenses if you have a non-disclosure.

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People who have been absolved of criminal charges should not have to face consequences that they do not deserve and your permanent record should not dictate how you are treated by employers, bankers, or housing representatives. With our non-disclosure attorneys in San Antonio on your side, you can seek a fresh start, moving forward without the stain of a criminal record on your background checks.

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