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At The Law Office of Derek S. Ritchie, PLLC, we believe that family should always come first. When disputes arise between loved ones or marriages begin to crumble, we are here to help resolve the issue, pick up the pieces, and help you protect what matters most.

Attorney Derek S. Ritchie is passionate about helping people overcome the struggles that accompany family cases and has the experience to tackle even the toughest disputes. If you’re facing a divorce, custody, or family matter anywhere in the Greater San Antonio area, we’re here to help.

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Why Clients Choose Us
The Law Office of Derek S. Ritchie, PLLC is trusted by clients across Bexar, Comal, and Medina Counties. The reasons are simple:
  1. Family law is our bread and butter and a key focus for our practice. We have extensive experience in a range of divorce, custody, and family cases.
  2. We make personal attention a priority and create customized legal solutions based on our clients’ unique circumstances and goals.
  3. Attorney Derek S. Ritchie is a proven trial lawyer. As a defense attorney and former prosecutor, he knows how to produce results in and out of court.
  4. We care about our clients. We value the trust families place in our team and are dedicated to guiding them toward the best possible outcomes.
From contested custody battles to high-stakes divorce, family cases can have far-reaching consequences. Fortunately, we have the experience to tackle all types of disputes and the willingness to explore meaningful strategies to manage conflict and help clients control costs. And because we’re led by a real trial lawyer, we’re always ready to take a case to trial when needed. Our honest and client-focused approach is a big part of why previous clients praise our team.

What is Family Law?

Family law focuses on issues involving family relationships such as marriage and divorce, child welfare, and related economic matters. It’s a practice in which deeply personal issues intersect with the law, and where the potential for dispute and emotional turbulence run high.

Our San Antonio family law attorney handles all types of cases, including those involving:

  • Divorce: Divorce is the legal unwinding of a marriage and all the things that go with it. We protect client interests in contested and amicable divorces involving high-net-worth, complicated estates, possession and access, spousal maintenance, and property division.
  • Child Protective Services: If CPS comes knocking on your door, you need an attorney who knows how to protect your rights and keep your family together. Consult with our family lawyer in San Antonio if CPS has taken or threatened action against you.
  • Child custody. Whether part of a divorce or a stand-alone case, child custody can quickly turn contentious. But for parents who can communicate and compromise, there are workable solutions. In some cases, decisive action may be needed to protect kids from unsafe situations.
  • Enforcement: Do you need to get the court involved because your child’s other parent continues to miss support payments? Our attorneys can help you petition the court for enforcement.
  • Modifications: Life changes, which means your custody, alimony, and child support orders might not always reflect the reality of your circumstances. We can evaluate your eligibility for a modification and guide you through the process.

Our firm has the depth of experience to handle a broad range of legal matters beyond the basic family cases. This includes issues of guardianshippre- and post-nuptials, and protective orders or TROs.

  • We also offer estate planning services for those whose finances, families, and futures have been reshaped by divorce or other life changes, and representation in criminal proceedings that have the potential to impact family court orders.

What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

Family lawyers serve as advocates for their clients, representing their interests in matters such as divorce, child custody, court order modifications and enforcement, and more.

Much like medical professionals, family lawyers work with clients on both a preventative and responsive basis and work to explain complex legal issues in plain and understandable terms. Firms with versatile skill sets like ours can quickly adapt and address disputes as they arise.

As family lawyers, we believe in providing personalized support and empowering clients to make decisions that are best for their families. We know that no two families are alike, and provide honest assessments of our clients’ options, expectations, and potential outcomes at every stage.

Benefits of Hiring a Family Lawyer

Divorce and family law cases can put a lot on the line. With so much at stake, it’s important to evaluate the difference legal counsel can make. A family lawyer can help you:

  • Negotiate and mediate out-of-court resolutions.
  • Define your goals and expectations, and your available options.
  • Reframe key issues in an impartial, non-emotional perspective.
  • Promote efficiency and cost-savings in divorce and related proceedings.
  • Identify community and marital property and your equitable share.
  • Compile, review, and file all necessary forms and paperwork.
  • Consult with experts such as forensic economists and financial professionals.
  • Meet deadlines and important dates for document submissions, hearings, and more.
  • Protect the best interests of your children and develop workable parenting plans.
  • Litigate critical disputes in court, if necessary.

When Should I Hire a Family Lawyer?

You should consult with a family lawyer as early in a case as possible. For some matters, this can be prior to filing for divorce or taking formal legal action. For others, it may be well into a dispute or ongoing dilemma that hasn’t been resolved through informal means, such as a parent’s continued non-compliance with a parenting plan.

In any situation, working with an attorney as soon as possible can help you avoid costly mistakes, prepare for the journey ahead, and take the targeted actions required for time-sensitive issues such as the safety of children. An attorney’s early intervention can also help you explore solutions to maximize efficiency and the potential for reaching cost-effective, out-of-court resolutions. In the most complex and consequential cases, getting ahead of the curve provides time to build the most robust possible case.

Family Law FAQ

How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost?

Family lawyer fees vary depending on the unique circumstances of a case and the attorney. Our team can discuss costs after learning more about your case and what you want to accomplish. It’s important to note that parties in divorce, custody, and other family law matters can takes steps to manage costs. Some ways to control legal costs:
  • Be organized: Legal fees are often billed hourly, so it pays to be organized. Gather important documents, forms, and information and provide them to your attorney in a timely manner.
  • Inform yourself: Your attorney is there to guide you and answer questions, but there is a wealth of information you can access through the internet, courthouse publications, and books that can help you be understand the issues in your case and how the process works.
  • Know your options: Educating yourself can go a long way in controlling costs. It also allows you to explore options with your attorney that can maximize case efficiency, such as mediation.
  • Control your emotions. Family law cases can be emotionally turbulent matters, but disputes can be costly. Keeping a calm head can help you avoid actions that increase litigation.

Are Family Cases Public Record in Texas?

Most legal proceedings are matters of public record. And while transparency in our judicial system is in the public’s interest, many folks with family cases have concerns about privacy and the sensitive nature of their proceedings. Fortunately, there are protections built into the system that provide some privacy and confidentiality. One is the attorney-client privilege, which makes information and materials you provide your attorney (and their staff) confidential unless you request otherwise. The attorney-client privilege is an important part of our legal system, and it encourages clients to be honest and open with their counsel. Another way to protect information or prevent privacy violations is record sealing. Under the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, certain court records may be sealed from public access. Our team can help you understand the process of sealing records in Texas family law cases and your options.

What Should I Expect During My Initial Consultation?

At The Law Office of Derek S. Ritchie, PLLC, we strive to create a safe environment during initial consultations with clients, and remind them that we’re here to help, not judge. We then discuss their situation and goals, our experience with issues like theirs, and an assessment of how we can help. Scheduling a consultation with a family law attorney is a great first step, but it will be most productive if you come prepared. Gather and bring any important documents you feel you may need to show the lawyer, such as an existing court order or divorce papers you’ve been served. You can also create a list of questions to ask during your consultations. Some examples include:
  • How is communication handled?
  • What’s your experience in family law?
  • Have you handled similar cases?
  • How do fees work and what are some ways to control costs in my case?

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