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The criminal justice system can be cruel to the accused. Don’t let police officers or prosecutors violate your legal rights – retain aggressive representation from our trusted San Antonio criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of Derek S. Ritchie, PLLC.

Our criminal defense firm in San Antonio, TX proudly stands up for the criminally accused to protect their rights and ensure that they are treated fairly at every stage of their criminal case. Our lawyers are ready to fight for the positive resolution you are seeking and will stop at nothing to see your criminal case through to a favorable conclusion.

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Criminal Cases Our Lawyers Handle

Criminal charges threaten to upend your life and leave you bearing the burden of a conviction for years to come. Hiring the right defense lawyer in San Antonio can make all the difference in the outcome of your criminal case. Representation is vital – don’t try to defend against these charges alone.

At The Law Office of Derek S. Ritchie, PLLC, our San Antonio defense lawyers have extensive experience navigating the criminal justice system and guiding clients forward.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, you can count on Attorney Derek S. Ritchie to stand by your side diligently. With poise and professionalism, our San Antonio law firm goes to bat for the criminally accused regardless of the circumstances of the situation.

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Our attorneys defend against many types of crimes, including:

  • Assault: We defend against all kinds of assault no matter how severe the charges may be.
  • Burglary. We can help you fight back against burglary charges and pursue a positive outcome in your case.
  • DWI: Whether it is your first or third criminal offense, we know how to present your DWI case to minimize penalties and protect your driving privileges.
  • Drug crimes. We’ll relentlessly defend your rights as you work through your drug crimes case.
  • Domestic violence. A domestic violence charge can change your life. We’ll do everything in our power to ensure you receive the legal counsel you deserve.
  • Expunction. Getting your record expunged enables you to live a life free of your past. We can help you get there.
  • Felony charges. Felonies charges are reserved for the most serious crimes. We’ll defend your rights and best interests throughout your felony case.
  • Firearm offenses. We’re committed to defending your rights in a firearm offense case, ensuring can navigate your dispute more easily.
  • Intoxication manslaughter. Facing an intoxication manslaughter charge can make an already daunting situation even more challenging. We’re here to help.
  • Misdemeanor charges. If you’re facing a misdemeanor charge, you can trust our San Antonio defense lawyers to fight for you in or out of court.
  • Murder. We’ll provide the legal representation you need to pursue an ideal outcome in your murder case.
  • Non-disclosure agreements. Violating an NDA can come with significant penalties. We have the tools to defend your interests.
  • Pretrial violations. A pretrial violation charge could throw a serious wrench in your violation case. We’ll help you deal with pretrial violation charges.
  • Probation violations. Violating probate could impact your life negatively. We’ll work to ensure you receive the treatment you deserve.
  • Protective order. We can help ensure that you receive the appropriate legal counsel for your case, helping you find the best path forward to contest the order.

  • Sex crimes: We take the time to thoroughly investigate sex crime cases to ensure that no stone is left unturned and that all relevant evidence in your favor is uncovered.
  • Theft: A theft conviction can carry substantial penalties. Let our theft crimes lawyers help you fight for a positive outcome to protect your future.
  • Traffic offenses. When traffic offenses pile up, they can negatively impact your driving privileges. We’ll work with you to seek a positive outcome in your traffic violation case.

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Texas Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers From a San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney

A: Not all criminal defense cases will go to trial, but most do to some extent. One of the most effective ways to prevent your case from going to trial before a judge or jury is to allow a criminal defense lawyer to intervene as soon as possible. Our attorneys might be to convince the prosecutors to drop the case against you before it ever goes to court, which can also help keep your criminal record clean.

A: You should never feel compelled to speak to the police or an investigator in an unofficial setting, such as after they pull you over or knock on your door. If the police are talking to you about a crime, then they think you are a suspect. Be careful with what you say. You should only provide the necessary identifying information. If the police press you for answers, then inform them that you would like to talk to an attorney first.

A: Yes, if you are placed under arrest or are detained, then you can and should invoke your Miranda Rights. You should speak clearly and say something like, “I am officially invoking my Miranda Right to remain silent.” At that point, the officer should understand that you want to speak to your attorney or be provided one before talking. If they pressure you to talk after invoking your right to remain silent, then they are violating your Constitutional rights and the entire case against you could be voided.

A: When you are provided a chance to call someone after being placed in county jail following an arrest, use the phone call to reach an attorney and no one else. All calls, outbound and inbound, are recorded in jail. Prosecutors will listen to what you said later if you called a family member or friend. If you call an attorney, though, then your lawyer will immediately advise you to watch your word choice and talk as little as possible.

A: Everyone needs an attorney once they are arrested or charged with a crime. You might know you are innocent, but the state thinks you are guilty and will try to prove it in court. Do not give the prosecution an early advantage by failing to work with a criminal defense lawyer.

A: Yes, misdemeanors are not the same as felonies. Misdemeanors are used to describe and penalize “less serious” crimes like drug possession, nonviolent theft crimes, and so on. A felony charge relates to “more serious” crimes like sexual assault, robbery, grand theft, and more. However, do not be mistaken. A conviction for a misdemeanor or felony can be severely damaging to your future freedom, finances, and reputation.

A: A criminal defense case can end in one of many ways. The “best possible” outcomes will usually include a dismissal of the case and all charges, a not guilty verdict from a judge or jury, or a plea deal that lessens your sentencing requirements considerably.

A: Following an arrest and processing for certain criminal violations, a judge may approve a bail amount for the charges. You can pay the bail amount to be released from jail while your case is pending. If you appear at all future court proceedings and follow other bail requirements, then you will be repaid the bail amount when your case concludes. If you do not, then the bail is forfeited to the state.

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