From Filing to Approval: The Steps to Establishing a Legal Guardianship in Texas

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Establishing legal guardianship in Texas is a critical process that protects the well-being and interests of vulnerable individuals. The guardianship Texas laws are in place to ensure that those who cannot manage their personal and financial affairs receive proper care and support. As such, understanding the steps involved in obtaining legal guardianship in Texas is […]

How to Discuss a Prenuptial Agreement with Your Spouse

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Talking about a prenuptial agreement with your spouse can be a delicate and potentially uncomfortable topic. However, having a clear and open discussion about the subject is important for both parties to fully understand the potential benefits and drawbacks of such an agreement. In this article, we will discuss the right way to approach this […]

Contempt of Court & Family Law: What You Need to Know

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Contempt charges are a painful, messy process and best avoided at all costs. However, when one party isn’t holding up their end of a legal agreement, it can be the only way to come to a resolution. What does it mean to be held in contempt of court in family law, and what are the […]

What Are the Different Types of Child Custody in Texas?

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Divorce proceedings can be stressful for every party, and this is especially true when there are children involved. The matter of who gets custody over the children can often be one of the hardest questions divorcing parents have to answer. There are as many unique custody situations as there are families, but they all fall […]