Co-Parenting Tips for a Successful Holiday Season

Man and woman playing with daughter on sled in snow

Make the Season Smoother The holiday season is in full swing, and co-parents may be having a difficult time managing all of the holiday activities with their children. It’s important to be on top of your game, especially during this time of year. Here are some co-parenting tips that can help you and your children […]

“Pet Custody” After a Divorce in Texas

Pets are an integral part of families. While many may view pets as another member of the family, the legal system doesn’t see or treat them as such. So, what happens to pets after a divorce? Pet Custody and Visitation Rights in Texas Pets are legally viewed as property. There are no official laws that would […]

Relocation After a Texas Divorce

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When parents file for divorce in Texas, the court generally awards both parties with “joint managing conservatorship,” unless there is a history of abuse, domestic violence, or other forms of parental misconduct. Divorcing parents may create their own “parenting plan” to determine who is the primary parent (i.e., whom the child will live with) and a “shared possession schedule” that sets […]

Helping Children Through the Holidays After Divorce

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Staying Bright Amidst Many Changes The holiday season’s emphasis on gatherings, gifts, and family and friends can be rather difficult for people who have recently gone through a divorce. Their children, however, may struggle even more than the adults, and in a season that highlights the wonder children can have in presents, that struggle can […]

Misdemeanor & Felony Classes in Texas

There are two main types of crimes in Texas: misdemeanors and felonies. While misdemeanor offenses are less serious than felony crimes, a conviction can still result in harsh criminal penalties, including fines and even a local or county jail sentence.  The following are the three types of misdemeanor classes in Texas:  Class A misdemeanor – Considered the most serious misdemeanor, a conviction […]

Handling Changes in a Child’s Schedule

Group of children playing basketball with coach

Adapting and Planning Ahead For Your Children As the school year progresses, it’s normal for a child’s schedule to change from time to time, whether it be to sports practice or other afterschool activities. As co-parents, however, you may find it frustrating and struggle with adapting your schedule to accommodate your children. Fortunately, following these […]

Divorce Mediation in Texas

Although many people often assume divorce is a hotly contested legal dispute, the truth is that most divorces do not end up in the courtroom. One of the most effective ways a divorcing couple can settle their differences in an amicable and respectful manner is through divorce mediation.  In divorce mediation, a neutral and professional third party known as the […]

Texas Marijuana Laws

Many states throughout the country have legalized the medical and even recreational use of cannabis. Although medicinal marijuana is limited in Texas, recreational use is still against the law. The following blog post is an overview of the marijuana laws in Texas.  Texas Medical Marijuana Law  Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 399—the Texas Compassionate Use […]

Can a Child in Texas Choose Which Parent to Live With?

Sad boy with arms folded, parents fighting in background

Child custody is one of the most challenging issues parents face when divorcing. You want to find an arrangement that’s the healthiest and most stable for your child, so you may wonder if your child legally has a say in which parent they live with. The Texas Family Code gives guidelines for how children can […]

How Does Property Division Work in Texas?

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One of the most contentious parts of the divorce process is the division of property. States utilize one of two methods either community property division or equitable division. Texas is a community property state, which means property acquired during marriage belongs to both spouses and must be divided equally. Today, we discuss how property division works in […]

A Guide to Child Custody in Texas

Child custody and visitation is a difficult process that requires the help of an attorney during a divorce. It’s not easy for parents to come to an agreement about the custody of their children, and we understand that in most cases, both parents would want custody of their children. While it would be ideal for […]

What To Do if CPS Knocks on Your Door

Man knocking on door with door knocker

Few experiences in life are as intimidating, stressful, or terrifying as receiving a visit from Child Protective Services (CPS). For many parents, it’s a surprise to see CPS knocking at their door and have no idea why they are there. When battling a child custody matter, it’s essential to be prepared if a CPS worker shows […]

Texas Guide to Adult Guardianship

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A guardian protects and provides for another person and is often given legal responsibilities to perform certain tasks. In Texas, you cannot become a legal guardian until a hearing is held and the judge goes through the process of appointing one. Preference is typically given to an appointing family member; however, there is the possibility […]

I Lost My Job in the Pandemic-Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

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In the wake of the global pandemic, many employers have had to lay off employees, reduce their hours, or completely shut down. For parents with child support obligations, facing a sudden change in income due to uncontrollable circumstances can be overwhelming. In Texas, court-ordered child support payments do not automatically decrease or stop if you are […]

What Happens to Your 401(k) When You Get Divorced?

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If you have developed a comfortable nest of 401(k) funds, you might be wondering how these will be divided during a divorce. In many cases, especially in a high asset divorce, 401(k) accounts can be some of the largest assets to divide. As such, this aspect of property division can add a layer of complexity to a divorce. Today, […]